Here are some areas that are part of the teaching, but there is more to discover, always.

The Universe

Universal laws

All life is governed by universal laws or principles which you may come to study and learn to recognise. Insights in these laws may lead you to objective criteria and allow you to perceive order in creation.

The Ray of Creation

An esoteric understanding of the workings of the Universe. What are the relationships between suns, planets and moons? What is the function of the Human within this Creation?

The four elements (fire, air, water, earth)

How does lawful understanding manifest? For example, how does understanding cyclic manifestations relate to you and your life?

The Unseen Worlds

Life is mostly a Mystery to us human beings. Open up to the unseen aspects of life by understanding the relation between energy & matter. Learn to perceive the electromagnetic reality of life.


Colour is our visual perception of a variety of frequencies. Colour is light behaving in a certain way and it is a core expression of energies. You can can find out and learn to experience how different frequencies have different effects upon you and others.


Number is a potent language and you can unlock new insight through understanding number. Most significant is the meaning of the numbers 1 to 9 which reveal the unfolding of the universe.


This science was well-known in ancient Egypt and was for a long time integrated with art and spiritual transformation. We all enter this world through a specific astrological 'door' ;understanding this 'door' and the influence of the planets upon our lives will give a tangible way to understand ourselves and others.

The Human

The Aura

Through all the energetic processes in our muli-layered life (our 'complex') an electro- magnetic field is generated. This field provides us with a finer layer of protection and energy storage. Learn to sense, see and clean this individual energy field.

The human design

What are you? How does the human process energies? How do you learn to think, feel and do in an integrated way? Exploring esoteric knowledge of the human design will enable you to liberate your human possibilities in effective and healthy ways.

Esoteric arts

Many of the bright times in human history are signified by advanced forms of art. Through the study and practice of these arts it is possible to connect to the wisdoms and insights of those times. These arts include sacred dance, essence art, esoteric music and esoteric architecture.

Esoteric traditions

In our teaching we include all the traditions which represent bright sparks within our history. Come to know the essential teachings of the World Religions and various esoteric traditions that provide a platform and possible ways for transformation and liberation.

Reincarnation & Immortality

What is a soul? What is a spirit? What is death? What happens to humans when they die? Can a soul live beyond death? How to live?

The Tarot - the book of life

Through symbols, colours, mythology and numerology the Tarot holds many wisdoms for the human travellers upon the journey of personal development and the search for meaning.

You (interaction between the human & the universe)

Personal development

Can a person choose what to think, feel and be? What are your options? What is a character and how can you develop it? How can you develop into the person that you choose to be? Which knowledge, practices and motive do you need for development?

Human development

All humans have the same equipment such as eyes, ears and skin with which we can experience life and translate information. It is possible to develop your senses and perceive more and different aspects of life. What are the 'higher senses' which you can discover and learn to listen to?

Creating atmospheres

How a space is designed and prepared (physically and energetically) determines its atmosphere and how supportive it will be towards finer human activities.


What are the possibilities and needs of our human complex and design? Healing has always been an essential part of various esoteric traditions and vital knowledge has been passed on throughout generations.