A message for you

For a long time we chose not to leave our footsteps on this medium, because the very signal you may be looking for can only travel from one live human being to another live human being.

But, we asked ourselves, what if you would genuinely search for us.. should we not at least try to leave something for you, a sign or a note? So, against all odds, this is a message for you.

What is this life for?

You have always felt somewhat dissatisfied, sometimes even desperate in the going on motions of growing up, getting an education, finding a job, perhaps raising a family.

Of course these have consumed large portions of your time and energy, and for some time provided valuable experience. But, ever so often, you are confronted with the traps and emptiness of habitual living, or with the impermanence of what we are led to believe would never end. Maybe when you look at the stars, or feel the power of nature, you have asked:

What is this life for? What moves this incredible universe? What are the mysteries of life and death? What is consciousness? What is the calling of the Great Teachings?

The human quest

Throughout history, mostly hidden, there have been human beings who kept alive an inner quest, driven by these big human questions. They changed their lives according to the answers they found. Esoteric schools in different places in the world have anchored these endeavours and their manifestations in the form fitting their time and place.

These manifestations are what we now know as essence art, holy scriptures, music, healing, dance, science and religion and were foremost meant as signposts for those human beings who are ready to pursue the human quest themselves.

Our School

We are an esoteric development school, based in the Netherlands (with a branch in Israel and the USA) in our time, with real teachers and a real transmitted teaching, inspired and guided by a true teacher, who is steadfast in the pioneering of human progress.

We practise our way together in a school, but know that you can only travel if you are truly alone, which is already a developed state of being. We need others to travel with, to remind us that we are not perfect and inspire us with our successes, and to increase the amperage of the grace that enables us to work.

Our school is in existence for over 30 years and consisting of about 130 fellows. We bought an estate in the Netherlands in 1994. We have renovated the centre and grounds and called it Source.

In various cities in the Netherlands we organise introductory evenings and starting development groups. These are possibilities to meet us. When you meet us you can expect courtesy, a respectful working dynamic and our hospitality. We ask for your openness and a genuine enquiry into our work. If you manage that you may find out whether this is a path for you to travel.

The Teaching

What do we teach?

The program that we offer you is centered around three main themes:

  • the Universe
  • the Human
  • and... You

These themes we will approach through study and lesson, but also through essence theatre and practical work. The results from a true esoteric journey should lead to a balance of greater understanding, depth of feeling and increased ability. What do we mean when we say the Universe, the Human and... You? Let's take a closer look:



The Universe, the Human and You
What is this life for? What moves this incredible universe? What are the mysteries of life and death? What is consciousness? What is the calling of the Great Teachings?
You are welcome to contact us if you wish to join an ongoing development group for an introductory evening or afternoon.
We have started to organize (off-line) lectures and introductory meetings in Amsterdam and Zwolle. These opportunities to meet and work with each other in a live way are carefully planned within the Covid-regulations. You are welcome and we look forward to meet you.
Introductory meetings
  • We are meeting and working again in a live way with the ongoing development group. You are welcome to visit an introductory evening.
Tuesday evenings starting 20:00h. Price: € 20 / students € 10. Contact us for more information.
Lectures in Amsterdam
  • 26th of June
    The 7 planets of the Ancients and their significance in our time - Part I
    An esoteric journey through Myth, Meaning and Symbology
  • 3rd of July
    The 7 planetary influences and their relationship to Human type - Part II
    Exploring the unseen connection and its application to Human Life
Saturday afternoons 14:00 - 15:30h. Price: € 10 per lecture. Address: PC Hooftstraat 183 in 'Centrum de Roos' in Amsterdam. Contact us for more information.
Introductory meetings
Contact us for more information.
Introductory meetings
Contact us for more information.
Introductory meetings
Contact us for more information.
  • You are welcome to visit one or more of the lectures that will be planned in the near future.

    Click here for information on the lectures.
Price: €10 per lecture. Contact us for more information or or if you wish to be informed when the dates and times are known.
Introductory evenings
  • We are preparing for meeting and working in a live way soon. If you want us to keep you informed about this ongoing development group you can leave a message and we will respond.
Price: € 20 / students € 10. Contact us for more information.


If you wish to meet us

Please leave your question and your contact information. We will respond and look forward to meet you.

Due to the coronavirus it is necessary to sign up beforehand via our website. In this way we can ensure that we comply to the RIVM guidelines: meeting with a limited amount of people, keeping enough distance, not visiting when you have (mild) symptoms.

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