Welcome to Phoenix Dynamics

For a long time we chose not to leave our footsteps on this medium, because the very signal you may be looking for can only travel from one live human being to another live human being.

But, we asked ourselves, what if you would genuinely search for us.. should we not at least try to leave something for you, a sign or a note? So, against all odds, this is a message for you.

About us

What is this life for?

You have always felt somewhat dissatisfied, sometimes even desperate in the going on motions of growing up, getting an education, finding a job, perhaps raising a family.

Of course these have consumed large portions of your time and energy, and for some time provided valuable experience. But, ever so often, you are confronted with the traps and emptiness of habitual living, or with the impermanence of what we are led to believe would never end. Maybe when you look at the stars, or feel the power of nature, you have asked:

What is this life for? What moves this incredible universe? What are the mysteries of life and death? What is consciousness? What is the calling of the Great Teachings?

The human quest

Throughout history, mostly hidden, there have been human beings who kept alive an inner quest, driven by these big human questions. They changed their lives according to the answers they found. Esoteric schools in different places in the world have anchored these endeavours and their manifestations in the form fitting their time and place.

These manifestations are what we now know as essence art, holy scriptures, music, healing, dance, science and religion and were foremost meant as signposts for those human beings who are ready to pursue the human quest themselves.

Now you have met such an endeavour. We are an esoteric development school, based in Holland (with a branch in Israel and the USA) in our time, with real teachers and a real transmitted teaching, inspired and guided by a true teacher, who is steadfast in the pioneering of human progress.

Our teaching

Understanding and using the human equipment correctly, how to think, how to have maturity in our emotional lives, how to become sensitive to finer radiations, how to become more perceptive, understand through what natural laws the universe operates, how energy behaves, what colour is, what numerology is, how the universe is ordered and how it is not.., understanding the great religions, the taro, alchemy, ancient Egypt.. and endlessly more.

Maybe you ask yourself what is this understanding going to bring me. But it is better to first ask 'what is understanding?'

Our school

We practice our way together in a school, but know that you can only travel if you are truly alone, which is already a developed state of being. We need others to travel with, to remind us that we are not perfect and inspire us with our successes, and to increase the amperage of the grace that enables us to work.

Our school is in existence for over 25 years and consisting of about 130 fellows. We bought an old building and estate in the Netherlands in 1995. We have renovated the centre and grounds and called it Source.

The way forward

And you..? How are we getting on? Has something stirred in your inner life? Does it all sound rather strange, but somehow it rings true? Does it cause more questions? Then decide; do you want to answer your own questions or do you want to meet us?

There are possibilities to meet us which you can find on this website. When you meet us you can expect courtesy, a respectful working dynamic and our hospitality. We ask for your openness and a genuine enquiry into our work. If you manage that you may find out whether this is a path for you to travel.

The Teaching

In different cities we organize introductory meetings.

What do we teach?

The program that we offer you is centered around three main themes:

  • the Universe
  • the Human
  • and... You

These themes we will approach through study and lesson, but also through essence theatre and practical work. The results from a true esoteric journey should lead to a balance of greater understanding, depth of feeling and increased ability. What do we mean when we say the Universe, the Human and... You? Let's take a closer look:

The Universe

Every esoteric school throughout history has recognized that we live within an ordered universe. That while there may be a place for chance, the fact that we can appear and wonder about the universe is indicative of this innate order.

Therefore one of the most important starting places is to study our greater home: the universe. Its vastness and seeming randomness may appear perplexing to many, but if you know how to look you can start to perceive patterns. These patterns can lead you eventually to what we would call the Natural Laws, a set of principles that govern the way the universe operates.

An esoteric journey should be based upon objective criteria, not man-made or temporary views. Understanding the Natural Laws allow you to do so.

The Human

We humans as well, we live in a most amazing machine, our body. We accept that my kidney works the same as your kidney. How else could a surgeon work reliably? But what about your emotions, your thoughts, your aura to name just a few? Our knowledge of our physical body has greatly increased, but sadly our understanding of our electrical body and its workings lags far behind. And yet these are also part of the same amazing machine.

Too often in our world today, people seek their uniqueness in the wrong places. The design and operation of your body (both physical and electrical) is more or less the same as all other human bodies. This does not mean that it is easy to understand all its complexities. It does however mean that understanding the human design allows for a far richer, more profound and effective journey of discovery we call life.


Each human being has the potential of an unique life and contribution. This uniqueness however has to be worked for, has to be uncovered in self. Each one of us is born with an unique blend of influences. But living in our world forces a person to have to adapt to the unwritten rules of our time and place. And so we often lose touch with the real uniqueness of ourselves. What in you is worth keeping and what can you do without? What in you needs strengthening and what needs to be let go off? And more specifically, how? This is why development is essentially personal. It requires you to apply the understandings of the universe and the human design to yourself, personally. In the end the meaning of any esoteric teaching for you personally has to be whether it yields concrete and measurable results in you.


Spring 2017
The Universe, the Human Design and You personally
What is this life for? What moves this incredible universe? What are the mysteries of life and death? What is consciousness? What is the calling of the Great Teachings?
Do you wish to learn to understand and use the human equipment correctly, how to think, how to have maturity in your emotional lives, how to become sensitive to finer radiations, how energy behaves, how the natural laws operate, how the universe works... and endlessly more? Then we invite you to make contact with us via email or phone. Prior knowledge is not necessary, an open mind is.
Time: Thursday evenings starting 20:00 hrs. More information and application via email or phone 0341-261412

22nd April
Golden Mean - 'The language of the Gods'
You will discover there is an ordering in the universe and a greater intelligence behind the apparent randomness. What moves this incredible universe? What influence does this have on you?
The Golden Mean describes a universal pattern, a ratio and shape that you can learn to see in everything that lives, grows and changes. It can be seen in DNA, fingerprints and in the measurements of the human body. In shells, flowers, apples, trees, water and clouds, in our solar system, in galaxies and more. You will be given some of the tools to see this universal law in action and what it teaches us about change and growth.
Time: Saturday afternoon starting 14:00 hrs. More information and application via email or phone 0341-261412
Spring 2017
Unlocking Esoteric Knowledge
Phoenix Dynamics organizes a series of introductory evenings "Unlocking Esoteric Knowledge".
During the evenings various areas of esoteric study will be introduced to you:
  • Symbology & colour Science & religion
  • Music & sound
  • Letters & numbers
  • The natural laws
  • The seen & unseen realms The human proposition
Time: Thursday evenings starting 20:30 hrs. More information via email or phone 0341-261412
Spring 2017
Introductory evenings "Why does your mind matter?"
What is the mind? What has the mind to do with your brain? How does your mind become matter? How does the mind influence your emotions and body? Why do they all three need each other?
When and where: Spring 2017 in Zwolle. Price: €20 per evening / students €10 More information and application via email or phone 0341-261412


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